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My Christmas Wish List: Canon Cinema EOS C300 Camera

I own a variety of movie cameras including a Canon 1014-XLS super 8mm, Panasonic DVX-100 and a Panasonic (hackable) Lumix GH-1. Perhaps it’s an overkill or perhaps it’s finding the right tool for the right job. In early 2012 Canon … Continue reading

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Lytro Camera: An Evolution in Digital Photography

Recently, a friend of mine forwarded me information on the Lytro digital camera — an evolutionary & revolutionary technical achievement in digital photography which allows you to choose your focus point in after a photograph is taken.  How?  Because it’s … Continue reading

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Tools of Creation: CANON 1014XL-S (Super 8mm Film Camera)

This is my CANON 1014XL-S camera — one of the best super 8mm film cameras ever produced — with accessories and old film stock. This camera first came to market in 1979.  I still get a kick seeing myself on … Continue reading

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