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Dragon’s Lair: My 27 Year Saga

I don’t consider myself to be old, but I’m old enough to be an eighties arcade junkie – a time when Pac-Man was king, Donkey Kong kicked my butt and when many pizza parlors across the country had Asteroids or … Continue reading

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Robot 5X Poster Series

Awhile back I started working on a series of robot posters (called Robot 5X) based on some of my favorite films and TV shows.  They are finally available as 9″ x 12″ posters printed on canvas.   Later this year … Continue reading

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Space Monkey

from my collection of short stories called THE LITTLE BOOK OF COMPLEXITIES & ABSURDITIES: “Tomorrow is the big day,” said one monkey in a cage to a sickly pale-faced monkey in another cage. “They should use chimps.  They’re much smarter … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and thanks for checking out my blog — a collection of my writings, videos, photos, artworks, reviews and ideas.  One of my New Year’s resolutions was to launch my own blog, so I think I’m off to … Continue reading

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