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Tools of Creation: CANON 1014XL-S (Super 8mm Film Camera)

This is my CANON 1014XL-S camera — one of the best super 8mm film cameras ever produced — with accessories and old film stock. This camera first came to market in 1979.  I still get a kick seeing myself on … Continue reading

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36th Annual Boston Sci-Fi Movie Marathon (SF36)

What: 36th Annual Boston Science Fiction Movie Marathon (SF36) Where: Somerville Theatre (Boston, MA) When: February 20-21, 2011 Why: 24 Hours of Movie Madness! If you love sci-fi movies, there’s only one place to be this Presidents’ Day weekend.  Starting … Continue reading

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WATCHMEN Opening Credits

Once and awhile, a movie comes along which I hate, but it has moments of brilliance. Zac Snyder’s WATCHMEN, released in 2009, is one of those odd ones. It’s way too long and for the most part, it’s a bore … Continue reading

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TIME DROP (An Original Dream & Script)

If you follow my blog, there are two things which you will learn about me. First, I give credit where credit is due. Second, I’m a lucid dreamer where many of my ideas originate. (Lucid dreaming will be one of … Continue reading

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Movie Recommendation: EQUILIBRIUM (2002)

Starring: Christian Bale, Taye Diggs, Sean Bean & Emily Watson Directed by: Kurt Wimmer Written by: Kurt Wimmer Genre(s): Sci-fi, Action NO SPOILERS HERE! EQUILIBRIUM takes place in a futuristic society where feelings are controlled by daily doses of Prozium … Continue reading

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