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A Real Ninth Planet Discovered?… No Love for Pluto! :-(

January 20, 2016 – Big news in the world of astronomy was announced this week. Researchers at Caltech published their discovery on a “real” ninth planet. Too bad for Pluto. If you recall, the former ninth planet was demoted to … Continue reading

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And the winner is… MARNIE! (Hopefully)

On January 14, 2016 the Oscar nominations were announced, which included Studio Ghibli’s WHEN MARNIE WAS THERE for Best Animated Feature Film. MARNIE is the movie I’ll be rooting for the most at this year’s competition. It was a remarkable … Continue reading

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“Tails” of a Frequent Flyer

Dogs to the left of me/ Dogs to the right me/ and I’m stuck in the middle with a turkey… and when I say turkey, that means you! After several plane trips and thousands of miles, I survived the hectic … Continue reading

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